22 May 2012

LGB 30508 DR IV cl. passenger car

Now available LGB 30508 DR IV cl. passenger car, Ep. II

15 May 2012

LGB planned delivery dates: May upgrade

Available on M-LGB web site, the official file with May upgrade planned delivery dates:
link to M-LGB pdf file

03 May 2012

LGB news delivery- april upgrade

Available the following LGB items

LGB 23405: RhB loco Ge 6/6 404

LGB 23450: RhB loco Ge 2/4 202

LGB 28515: Pressnitzbahn loco 251 901-5

LGB 40099: RhB freight car, Ep. V

LGB 41160: freight car with load, Ep. V

LGB 44390: DR mail car DR, Ep. III

LGB 47831: tank car set KVG/Wascosa, Ep. V