18 January 2012

LGB news 2012

LGB news 2012, here the complete program list, updates and detalis will follow.

Source: www.trenidagiardino.it

LGB 20220LGB 20220
RHB Abe 8/12 "Allegra", Ep. V
LGB 20225LGB 20225
RHB Abe 8/12 "Allegra", Ep. V
Sound decoder
LGB 20750LGB 20750
DB E10, Ep. III
LGB 22211LGB 22211
Xmass Stainz
LGB 23450LGB 23450
RhB Ge 2/4 202, Ep. I
LGB 23940LGB 23940
DB V 200 018, Ep. III
LGB 24265LGB 24265
DR 99 4653, Ep. III
Sound decoder
LGB 24440LGB 24440
RhB Ge 2/4 211 Ep. III
LGB 24680LGB 24680
Rail truck
LGB 24771LGB 24771
Porter WP&Y 3
LGB 26604LGB 26604
Snowplow loco DB Ep. IV
LGB 27630LGB 27630
WP&Y 4, Ep. IV
LGB 27872LGB 27872
Mikado NYK 1890, Ep. III
Sound decoder
LGB 28515LGB 28515
Pressnitzbahn 251 901-5, Ep. VI
LGB 29400LGB 29400
Xmass Starter Set
LGB 29655LGB 29655
DR VT 133, Ep. III
LGB 30506LGB 30506
DR III/IV cl. passenger car, Ep. II
LGB 30507LGB 30507
DR III cl. passenger car, Ep. II
LGB 30508LGB 30508
DR IV cl. passenger car, Ep. II
LGB 32550LGB 32550
RhB Set (112 e 113) III cl. passenger car, Ep. I
LGB 35074LGB 35074
Xmass passenger car 2012
LGB 39359LGB 39359
starter Set Zittauer Schmalspurbahn, Ep. VI
LGB 40099LGB 40099
RhB freight car, Ep. V
LGB 40121LGB 40121
RhB freight car with pantograph, Ep. III
LGB 40284LGB 40284
MOB boxcar "Cardinal"
LGB 40596LGB 40596
Auto transport car (Chevy Corvette 1957 and Shelby Cobra 1965), Ep. III
LGB 40807LGB 40807
tank car "Conoco"
LGB 40921LGB 40921
RhB set with stake car, Ep. VI
LGB 41160LGB 41160
freight car with load, Ep. V
LGB 41284LGB 41284
MOB boxcar "Glacier"
LGB 41409LGB 41409
HSB tank car, Ep. VI
LGB 42125LGB 42125
tank car DEA, Ep. III
LGB 43811LGB 43811
RhB boxcar, Ep. IV
LGB 44390LGB 44390
DR mail car DR, Ep. III
LGB 44920LGB 44920
DB stake car Schenker, Ep. V
LGB 45897LGB 45897
RhB container car Coop, Ep. V
LGB 47570LGB 47570
RhB sliding wall car "Calanda", Ep. VI
LGB 47571LGB 47571
RhB sliding wall car "Kuoni", Ep. VI
LGB 47831LGB 47831
tank car set KVG/Wascosa, Ep. V
LGB 47893LGB 47893
RhB container car "La Posta", Ep. V
LGB 48681LGB 48681
cattle car set UP, Ep. III
LGB 49690LGB 49690
hopper car set RhB, Ep. V
LGB 70580LGB 70580
"Professional" starter set
LGB 70500LGB 70500
DCC starter set with MTS
LGB 90450LGB 90450
"basic" starter set
LGB 90610LGB 90610
LGB 93042LGB 93042
open passenger car
LGB 93402LGB 93402
passenger car
LGB 94043LGB 94043
crane car
LGB 94062LGB 94062
cattle car
LGB 94208LGB 94208
"Dynamite" car
LGB 94259LGB 94259
stake car with Unimog
LGB 94305LGB 94305
freight car
LGB 94580LGB 94580
tank car Aral

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  1. As I said there is still nothing interesting from Marklin.
    Nothing from the D&RGW narrow gauge, or french. I'm sad...I will try to find something interesting from the old items we can find on ebay. With Marklin, unhappiness is LGB !