17 November 2011

LGB 20586 F7B Santa Fe

LGB 20586 is now available.

LGB 20586
LGB 20586 F7B Santa Fe
In order to increase the pulling power of the proven F7 A unit locomotives EMD developed an F7 diesel locomotive without an engineer's cab: This unit (called “B”) could be coupled to F7A units and then be operated from a locomotive engineer in the cab of an "A unit".

This non-powered model of an F7 "B unit" painted and lettered for the Santa Fe Railroad is equipped with digital sound. You can hear the stepwise synchronized diesel motor sounds, the sounds of locomotive standing still (up to 30 seconds), the bell, the horn, and the sounds of brakes, all by means of the built-in speaker. This model must be used with LGB F7A models.
Length: 60cm/24", weight: 2,100 grams/4 lbs 10 ounces.
LGB 20586 official price 599,95 €

1 comment:

  1. Sound unit different than earlier B units. Small board in the middle and looks like the 50000 series sound board, no storage caps but a socket to add them.