14 November 2011

LGB 20576 diesel loco F7A Santa Fe n.330

LGB 20576 is now available.

LGB 20576
LGB 20576 diesel loco F7A Santa Fe n.330
This classic diesel electric locomotive were introduced by Electro Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors at the end of the forties. About 2.400 F7 diesel locomotives were built for different American railroads, where they were used in freight and passenger service into the seventies.

The detailed and weatherproof model has the road number 330 and engineer's cab doors that can be opened. Two powerful motor, four axles powered, a traction tire and 12 power pickups provide extraordinary pulling power. It’s equipped with multi-train control decoder, a built-in speaker for use with an LGB B unit providing sound. You can make up a prototypical appropriate "Santa Fe" A-B-A unit adding LGB items 20586 (B unit) and 20577 (A unit). Length: 61cm/24", weight: 4,000 grams /8 lbs 13 ounces.
LGB 20576 official price 599,95 €


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