01 August 2011

LGB 49660 RHB cars set "Bernina Express"

LGB 49660 is now available.

LGB 49660
LGB 49660 RHB cars set "Bernina Express".
The Bernina Express travels on the Rhaetian Railway from swiss city of Chur to the Italian Tirano. The tourist train mastered it in the top (Ospizio Bernina) at an altitude of 2.253 meters above sea level. The prototypically painted car set consists of 3 individually labeled 2nd Class car and a 1st Class cars. All of the cars running in the new colors of the era V from 2005. The doors of the car can be opened and all cars have an interior light and metal axles. Length over buffers of 68 cm.
LGB 49660 official price 999,95 €


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