01 July 2011

LGB 22470 Brunigbahn HG 3/3 rack steam loco 1058

LGB 22470 is now available.

LGB 22470
LGB 22470 Brunigbahn HG 3/3 rack steam loco 1058
Between 1910 and 1926 SLM built 17 units of rack steam locomotive HG 3/3 for the Brünigbahn. The steam locomotive HG 3/3 1058 was one of them. The last 5 HG 3/3 were even in 1965 still used for freight traffic. The LGB model of HG 3/3 has a fully functional gear drive. Like all LGB rack locomotives the model can be used on smooth tracks with no rack. Modeled properly, the linkage and the control for the rack and pinion drive only run if the model is on a rack section. Facilities include a driving direction of the loco-dependent changes of light, a steam generator and a DCC interface for converting to run on digital equipment, an enclosed gearbox with Buehler Motor, and a mode selector switch. All axes are driven model. Length over the buffers about 33 cm, weight 3.000 gr.

LGB 22470 official price 729,95 €


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