01 June 2011

LGB 23881 Uintah Mallet 50

LGB 23881 is now available.

LGB 23881
LGB 23881 Uintah Mallet 50.
Uintah Railway Mallet steam locomotive N. 50. From this interesting locos there were only two copies of the Uintah Railway. New edition with green painted water tanks and cylinders. The model has a DCC interface and a multi-purpose socket, so is possible adding an MTS decoder. Length over the buffers 62,0 cm.
LGB 23881 official price 549,95 €


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  2. Awesome loco, a lot of pulling power. We tested it sort of like a tractor pull and it pulled 20+ pounds from a dead stop, straight up, against gravity. (Well, technically, an older version did...) But it was really impressive

  3. where is the power switch,Please!