29 April 2011

LGB 21426 RHB Ge 4/4 III "Lanxess"

LGB 21426 is now available.

LGB 21426
LGB 21426 RHB Ge 4/4 III "Lanxess"
The electric locomotives Ge4/4III are very modern and efficient locomotives of the Rhaetian Railway. They carry passenger and freight trains and the legendary Glacier Express. The LGB model is a replica of the current appearance of the Ge4/4III 648 with the advertising label "Lanxess”. The model has two powerful Bühler motors, a DCC interface and reversing lights. All axes are driven and the loco traction tires. Similarly, the cab doors are open, each leading to the cab and the control panel are illuminated. There are built two multi-purpose sockets. Total length over buffers about 65 cm, weight 4700 gr.
LGB 21426 official price 649,95 €


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