11 March 2011

LGB 2011 news - delivery dates

Here the planned delivery dates for LGB 2011 news

Saxon class I K steam loco n.54 IV ep.2012
20990Saxon class II K steam loco I ep.2012
21272RhB G 3/4 steam loco n.8 “Thusis”Delivered
21410RhB shunt diesel Tm 2/2 17 IV ep.3rd Quarter
21426RhB Ge 4 /4 III electric loco “Lanxess” V ep.2nd Quarter
22470SBB Brunigbahn HG 3/3 steam loco 10583rd Quarter
23360Hamburg street car white/red livery ep. III3rd Quarter
23593OBB diesel loco 2092.04 ep. IV4th Quarter
23892Sumpter Valley mallet steam loco n.2513rd Quarter
23930DB Kof II diesel loco red livery open cab version III ep.4th Quarter
24390RGB Abe 4/4 electric railcar n. 31 IV ep. red livery3rd Quarter
24520Döllnitzbahn diesel loco 199 031-6 "Mogelin"4th Quarter
25500OEG Steam tram n.102 III ep. (Limited Edition)3rd Quarter
25554White Pass & Yukon Alco diesel loco3rd Quarter
26196D&RGW mogul steam loco n.5763rd Quarter
26253White Pass & Yukon forney steam loco n.113rd Quarter
27420RhB Ge 4 /4 III electric loco n.643 V ep. red livery4th Quarter
31251RhB passenger car second class IV ep. (red)2nd Quarter
31676RhB passenger car first class IV ep. (green)3rd Quarter
31677RhB passenger car second class IV ep. (green)4th Quarter
31678RhB passenger car first/second class IV ep. (green)4th Quarter
33665RhB Panorama passenger car second class V ep.4th Quarter
350732011 Christmas car set 3rd Quarter
36350DR passenger car 970-541 V ep. (green)4th Quarter
36351DR passenger car 970-257 V ep. (green)4th Quarter
40595DB auto transport car with Fiat 5003rd Quarter
41633OBB Bicycle boxcar n.16815-8 ep. IV4th Quarter
42267DRG refrigerator box car ep. I3rd Quarter
42268"Wulle's Aktien Brauerei" beer boxcar ep. I4th Quarter
42621OBB ballast freight car ep. IV3rd Quarter
42719NYC steel caboose III ep.2nd Quarter
42792White Pass & Yukon caboose ep. IV3rd Quarter
429192011 LGB-Club tank car “Baker’s Chocolate” III ep.3rd Quarter
43355"Gorlitzer Aktien Brauerei" beer boxcar ep. I4th Quarter
43624OBB stake car n. 36810 ep. IV3rd Quarter
45870“Hooker Chemicals” tank car III ep.2nd Quarter
46919PRR boxcar III ep.2nd Quarter
47820B&O hopper car III ep.2nd Quarter
47892RhB "Die post" container freight car V ep.2nd Quarter
47919NYC boxcar III ep.3rd Quarter
49250RhB Cement Silo freight car set IV ep.2nd Quarter
49350100 Years of OEG freight car set III ep. (Limited Edition)4th Quarter
49890RhB COOP container freight car set V ep.2nd Quarter


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