12 January 2011

The “real” world of LGB: White Pass & Yucon

White Pass & Yucon Route

White Pass Yukon Railroad
At the origins of his history LGB was closely linked to a basic idea: reproducing models from narrow gauge prototypes, so for many years on LGB catalogs we could see only model of austrian, german and swiss narrow gauge railways. Few of these were (are) really famous (think at swiss RHB or german Hartz) but other not at all. Just look briefly at one of these: the White Pass & Yucon Route.

White Pass Yukon Railroad Map
The White Pass & Yucon Route was built from march 1898 until july 1900, when it was opened to service. The railroad links the port of Skagway, Alaska, with Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon. The track gauge of the line is the typical American narrow gauge: 3 ft (914 mm). the length of the line is 110,5 miles (177,8 km).

After the enthusiasm of Klondike Gold Rush, the line was intensely used for carrying minerals (copper, silver, lead) form extraction areas to the port of Skagway via the White Pass (879 m). After the problem of the Great Depression, the line became important during the II World War, as the strategically position of Alaska

At the begin of eighties the mineral prices go down and the mining industry collapsed: the freight traffic on the line stopped and also if the passenger traffic was good, the line was closed in 1982. But this was for a short time: the tourism in Alaska increased and the project to reopening the line as an heritage railroad was made and in the august of 1988 the line was in service again, so now is possible travel on this amazing route with seasonal train.

Here we present a selection of LGB production related to White Pass & Yukon with original LGB product descriptions

LGB 26182
LGB 26182 Mogul Steam Loco
Recreate the dynamic sights and sounds of the White Pass & Yukon Route with this handsome LGB model. Equipped with digital sound electronics, you´ll hear the exhaust chuffs, the bell, the whistle, the air pump and more mechanical sounds. With the Multi-Train System, you can control the sounds independently.

LGB 21832
LGB 21832 Mikado Steam Loco n. 73
For the prospectors and fortune seekers on your LGB layout, the Mikado Number 73 now is available as a Limited Edition LGB/Aster model. Aster’s traditional handmade metal craftsmanship is combined with the latest digital LGB sound. The resulting locomotive is as impressive on your mantelpiece as in your garden railway. Only 600 models will be made.

LGB 20550
LGB 20550 Alco Diesel Loco n. 110
Rugged railroads like the White Pass & Yukon need heavy haulers, and you get lots of pulling power with this big Alco diesel model. Each six-wheel truck is equipped with a seven-pole Bühler motor. Big lanterns and marker lights illuminate the way. Authentic White Pass livery and lettering.


LGB 25552
LGB 25552 Alco Diesel Loco n.108
The American Locomotive Company (Alco) built ten large diesel-electric locomotives in 1969. These locos form the backbone of the locomotive fleet of the modern WP&Y. This powerful LGB model is equipped with two Bühler motors to haul heavy freight trains or long passenger consists on your layout. While the loco is working, you enjoy the digitized sounds of a real loco. The sound system includes a bell and a horn, triggered via track magnets or the Multi-Train System.

LGB 36805
LGB 36805 Passenger Car n. 226
Still serving as a tourist line, the White Pass & Yukon was built during the Gold Rush to carry passengers and freight from Alaska's Pacific Coast to Canada's Yukon Territory. Indeed, the railroad's “Lake Fraser” passenger coach was built in 1903 … and still operates today! Use the model to carry passengers to the summit of your own White Pass. Opening doors and detailed interior.

LGB 36810
LGB 36810 Combine Car
Small railways like the White Pass & Yukon Route rely on combines combination passenger and freight cars to meet the need to carry everything from people to packages. Open the side doors to load freight. Open the end doors for people. Interior seating.

LGB 46710
LGB 46710 Caboose n. 901
To help you weather cold Yukon nights, this steel caboose model is fully furnished with a cook stove, rest room and sleeping quarters.

LGB 42040
LGB 42040 Ore Car Set
With this big set, you can model modern ore traffic of the WP&Y on your own LGB layout. The cars, each with different car numbers, come complete with loads, and the unloading hatches can be opened.


  1. I'm pretty sure Yukon is spelled with a K not a C...

  2. all are nice enough, if accurate. how about a snow thrower

  3. ***Nicely done, and we just rode the line, fascinating. Many LGB WP&Y products are still missing here = new 25554 loco 109, older 2155 loco 103, 4071 all blue caboose, box car, reefer, coal hopper and ore container car, and three styles of box container cars. And the small switcher diesel loco was also done in WP&Y, in two color schemes I believe ? G/Y and B/W. A rotary plow is already made by USA Trains, decorated in WP&Y blue, although the one remaining on display at Skagway AK was black with red trim. Thx Bill Strassner*-*