27 January 2011

LGB Mogul

LGB Mogul

The "Lilly Belle" Mogul (from Wikipedia).
The LGB Mogul is one of the most famous American model in garden rails. The Mogul locomotive was an American classic during the late 1800s: it was one of the most common steam locomotive, used for freight and passenger service throughout North America. The term "Mogul" refers to the "2-6-0" wheel configuration of these locos: two small guide wheels followed by six big driving wheels and no trailing wheels. At the begin of 1900s the Mogul were replaced on main services from more powerful and modern locomotives, but still run on short lines for decades. Few units were saved from scrapping and three engine are still in operation condition.

18 January 2011

LGB 2011 news

LGB 2011 news
Bottom you find the official list of LGB 2011 news items in text version.

This is the link at LGB site with detailed informations:
LGB 2011 news (german language)

And this is the link at the PDF file:
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LGB 2011 news - locomotives
LGB 20980: Saxon class I K steam loco n.54 IV ep. (2012)
LGB 20990: Saxon class II K steam loco I ep. (2012)
LGB 21272: RHB G 3/4 steam loco n.8 “Thusis”
LGB 21410: RHB shunt diesel Tm 2/2 17 IV ep.
LGB 21426: RHB Ge 4 /4 III electric loco “Lanxess” V ep.
LGB 22470: SBB Brunigbahn HG 3/3 steam loco 1058
LGB 23360: Hamburg street car white/red livery ep. III
LGB 23593: OBB diesel loco 2092.04 ep. IV (2012)
LGB 23892: Sumpter Valley mallet steam loco n.251
LGB 23930: DB Kof II diesel loco red livery open cab version III ep.
LGB 24520: Döllnitzbahn diesel loco 199 031-6 "Mogelin"
LGB 24390: RGB Abe 4/4 electric railcar n. 31 IV ep. red livery
LGB 25500: OEG Steam tram n.102 III ep. (Limited Edition)
LGB 25554: White Pass & Yukon Alco diesel loco
LGB 26196: D&RGW mogul steam loco n.576 - Deleted
LGB 26253: White Pass & Yukon forney steam loco n.11
LGB 27420: RHB Ge 4 /4 III electric loco n.643 V ep. red livery

LGB 2011 news - passenger cars
LGB 36350: DR passenger car 970-541 V ep. (green)
LGB 36351: DR passenger car 970-257 V ep. (green)
LGB 31676: RHB passenger car first class IV ep. (green)
LGB 31677: RHB passenger car second class IV ep. (green)
LGB 31678: RHB passenger car first/second class IV ep. (green)
LGB 31521: RHB passenger car second class IV ep. (red)
LGB 33665: RHB Panorama passenger car second class V ep.
LGB 35073: 2011 Christmas car set

LGB 2011 news - freight cars
LGB 49350; 100 Years of OEG freight car set III ep. (Limited Edition)
LGB 43355: "Gorlitzer Aktien Brauerei" beer boxcar ep. I
LGB 42267: DRG refrigerator box car ep. I
LGB 42268: "Wulle's Aktien Brauerei" beer boxcar ep. I
LGB 40595: DB auto transport car with Fiat 500
LGB 49250: RHB Cement Silo freight car set IV ep.
LGB 49890: RHB COOP container freight car set V ep.
LGB 47892: RHB "Die post" container freight car V ep.
LGB 41633: OBB Bicycle boxcar n.16815-8  ep. IV (2012)
LGB 42621: OBB ballast freight car  ep. IV (2012)
LGB 43624: OBB stake car n. 36810  ep. IV (2012)
LGB 42791: NY steel caboose - deleted
LGB 42792: White Pass & Yukon caboose  ep. IV
LGB 45870: “Hooker Chemicals” tank car  III ep.
LGB 46919: PRR boxcar III ep.
LGB 47919: NYC boxcar - deleted
LGB 47820: B&O hopper car  III ep.
LGB 42919: 2011 LGB-Club tank car “Baker’s Chocolate”  III ep.

12 January 2011

The “real” world of LGB: White Pass & Yucon

White Pass & Yucon Route

White Pass Yukon Railroad
At the origins of his history LGB was closely linked to a basic idea: reproducing models from narrow gauge prototypes, so for many years on LGB catalogs we could see only model of austrian, german and swiss narrow gauge railways. Few of these were (are) really famous (think at swiss RHB or german Hartz) but other not at all. Just look briefly at one of these: the White Pass & Yucon Route.

03 January 2011

LGB news 2011 (for 2012)

Please, go to LGB 2012 news page for reading the complete official list.
Please, go to LGB 2011 news page for reading the complete official list.

Here some news on the two Saxons steam loco scheduled for 2012 (new mould).

LGB 20980: Saxon steam loco class I K n.54, VI epoch, VSSB (Verein zur Förderung Sächsischer Schmalspurbahnen) version. DCC interface, cab lighting and smoke generator.
Delivery date: 2012 - Price: 599,95€

LGB 20990: Saxon steam loco class II K, built from two class I K, I epoch. DCC interface, cab lighting and smoke generator.
Delivery date: 2012 - Price: 999,95€