01 December 2010

LGB product numbers

Decoding LGB product numbers

Since 1993 Lehmann products, including LGB, LGB TOYTRAIN, LGB GNOMY and LGB RIGI products, have had five-digit product numbers, to avoid letters in products ID. Although the numbering system is not completely consistent, you can use these numbers to help identify LGB products.

The first digit identifies the general product class:
0 = Publications (catalogs, DVDs and CDs) and promotional materials
1 = Track and track accessories
2 = Locomotives and other powered models
3 = Passenger cars
4 = Freight cars
5 = Accessories, including transformers, MTS and figures
6 = Accessories, including replacement parts
7 = Starter sets

The third and fourth digits identify a series of mechanically similar products within a class. Here few examples:
2x80x = 6001 HSB steam loco
2x40x = RhB "Crocodile" loco
2x55x = Alco diesel loco
7x30x = Stainz passenger starter sets

The second digit has multiple meanings, depending on the product class. For locomotives, passenger cars and freight cars, the second digit usually identifies the order in the series, starting with "0". Later products in the same series typically have different road names and colors.
For starter sets, the second digit usually identifies the input voltage of the power pack included with the set. For example:
0 = 230 volt power pack
2 = 120 volt power pack

The fifth digit can have very many meanings, depending on the product class. For locomotives and starter sets, the fifth digit usually identifies a major feature. This was important when the five-digit system was introduced because before the engines have a letter after the 4 numbers to add information about the model:
1 = smoke generator (former “S”)
2 = sound (former “D”)
Letters were also used in alphabetically order for identifying different version of models. Quite soon after that period with increasing production of LGB trains the meaning of 5th number was lost or became confusing…

So remember that this numbering system is not completely consistent. For positive identification, use the latest available materials or ask the blog!


  1. Trying to get additional pieces for my husband's set. The only # I found on the engine were 0-22 and 2117D. On the track it has R=600mm and No.110D. What does this mean and what size or guage is it?

    1. The 2117 is the model number of the steam engine.
      The curved track is numbers with a Radius 600mm or approx. 24" radius. The 1100 is the product number for the track.
      You have items made by LGB and is a G scale train