05 December 2010

LGB Insolvency Auction in Nurnberg – 5 december 2009

One years ago in Nurnberg, the LGB Insolvency Auction.

On 5 december 2009 in the LGB factory happened something sad…for the last time was possible get in the famous red building that was one of the LGB icons. But the visit was for a sad event: the LGB Insolvency Auction. That was probably the end of the LGB that we all knew and loved that was manufactured in the Nurnberg.

On 5 December more than 10000 items (LGB trains) were auctioned from the auction company Lankes Auktionshaus, shared in over 2000 lots. The items ranged from regular production items to one of a kind prototype and handbuilt items from the LGB Archives, Gnomys, Aster metal locos, plus other manufacturer's items. This marathon auction lasted over 14 hours...All the items were sold.

For LGB insolvency auction was published a catalog with 48 pages, a spiral bound 8 1/4" wide by 11 3/4" in German language. The catalog features a color wrap around cover, 48 pages listing the 2083 lots with minimum starting bid in Euros, 7 pages of color photographs and is in German text only. The catalog was sent by mail after a request to Lankes.

Some weeks after the auction we received at home the list of prices of all sold lot. This is a great tool for understanding the value of our model and collection and the correct price of what we’d like to buy. This is possible also on line, on Lankes web site, go at this link and browse or search for LGB trains in the lots and you’ll get a response with the selling price:

Another image of the LGB models at the auction: here you can a lot of Special Editions (wood boxes).


  1. very sad..... Thanks for the pics and writeup.

  2. I can't seem to find a listing of the prices from the auction. Do you know if they are still available somewhere?