23 December 2010

LGB 28435 RHB Ge 4/4 II 100 Years Bernina Bahn

LGB 28435 is now available.

LGB 28435
LGB 28435: RHB Ge 4/4 II 100 Years Bernina Bahn
This RhB class Ge 4/4 II electric loco comes with unique paint scheme on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bernina line. The model is being produced only one-time for this event. It has extensive features such as MTS sound decoder and cab lighting. The model has pantographs that can be raised and lowered electrically from DCC station. The locomotive is equipped with two powerful motors. Model weighs: 4,2 kg. Length over buffers approximately 57 cm/22-7/16".
LGB 28435 official price 999,95 €


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