04 December 2010

LGB 21000 Anniversary Set for 100 Years of the Bernina Railroad

LGB 21000 is now available

LGB 21000
The train set is an exclusive for the 100th anniversary of the Bernina line (now RHB). The set consists of: 
RhB BCe powered rail car (Length over the buffers 63.5 cm / 25")
freight train baggage car (Length over the buffers 30 cm / 11-13/16")
observation car (33.5 cm / 13-3/16")
passenger car (Length over the buffers 44.5 cm / 17-1/2")
The historic powered railcar, numbered BCe 4, has the prototypically correct harp-style pantographs. It's equipped with two powerful motors and a DCC connector, interior details and doors that can be opened. The railcar and the passenger car have the prototypical yellow paint scheme and lettering. The freight train baggage car and the observation car come with the gray prototypical paint scheme and lettering.
All the itme of the set are an exclusive, special edition and are not available separately.
LGB 21000 official price: 999, 95 €


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