30 December 2010

Goodbye LGB trains factory

New colours for LGB trains factory

We can’t ever see again the LGB trains factory in its typical red colour. The building where for many years were built our favourite models is now property of another firm. 

The new firm applied its company colour and this is what could you see going at old LGB address:
Saganer Strasse 1-5, D-90475 Nuremberg

Have a trip to old LGB trains factory with Google Maps

View the map with Google


  1. Interesing blog you have! Good job.

    I would like to share the LGB new items that leaked today:


    Greets from Holland

  2. hello, thanks a lot, great news from LGB, 2 new locos!!!

    The World of LGB

  3. Also found the prices:


  4. What is interesting here is that you see one side of the factory has the new firm's colors and the other side still has LGB colors. Is it possible that LGB still inhabits that part of the factory that still has there colors on the building. Also the part of the building with the new firms colors what is the new firm? Is it a model train making firm? Why would some other firm keep the Trolly that is outside the building if they are not making model trains?