31 December 2010

2010 LGB items

Here you can find a direct link to posts related at deliveries of new LGB trains in 2010
Last update: 23-12-2010

LGB 28435 RHB Ge 4/4 II 100 years Bernina
LGB 36590 Santa Fe Streamliner
LGB 32310 DB passenger car bcm 243
LGB 43123 BP Olex tank car
LGB 21000 RHB anniversary set
LGB 36571 Santa Fe streamliner
LGB 36570 Santa Fe streamliner
LGB 45920 DB flatcar
LGB 36316 DB Half Dining Car BRyl 446
LGB 48830 RHB tank car Uah 8132
LGB 36580 Streamliner Dome Car "Santa Fe"
LGB 23660 VT 133 554
LGB 25196 D&S mogul
LGB 43231 DR car
LGB 23196 C&S Mogul
LGB 22405 RHB crocodile
LGB 32520 RHB passenger car
LGB RHB and DB freight flat cars with stakes45896 RHB container car
LGB 30310 DB passenger car
LGB 42918 LGB-Club Boxcar
LGB 47191 RHB container flat car
LGB 33663 RHB/MGB panorama car
LGB USA freight cars40806/41803 Conoco tank cars
LGB 25812 HSB 99 7245-6
LGB 47830 KVG Petro Oil Tank Car
LGB 25811 HSB 99 7245-6
LGB 31553/30523 RHB dining and Maintenance cars
LGB 23390 RHB ABe4/4 33

30 December 2010

Goodbye LGB trains factory

New colours for LGB trains factory

We can’t ever see again the LGB trains factory in its typical red colour. The building where for many years were built our favourite models is now property of another firm. 

The new firm applied its company colour and this is what could you see going at old LGB address:
Saganer Strasse 1-5, D-90475 Nuremberg

Have a trip to old LGB trains factory with Google Maps

View the map with Google

29 December 2010

LGB 32310 DB passenger car Bcm 243

LGB 32310 is now available.

LGB 32310
LGB 32310 DB passenger car Bcm 243
Model of a 2nd class slumber coach of the DB in epoch IV livery, with a prototypical UIC number and the typical blue livery. Interior furnishing, lights and opening doors. An ideal addition to your DB passenger train. Length over the buffers 80 cm.
LGB 32310 official price 249,95 €

27 December 2010

LGB Kof II delayed to 2011?

Not official yet, but last rumors tell that LGB Kof II delivery is delayed to february 2011. The model (LGB 20930 and 21930) was announced for the end of 2010.

23 December 2010

LGB 28435 RHB Ge 4/4 II 100 Years Bernina Bahn

LGB 28435 is now available.

LGB 28435
LGB 28435: RHB Ge 4/4 II 100 Years Bernina Bahn
This RhB class Ge 4/4 II electric loco comes with unique paint scheme on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bernina line. The model is being produced only one-time for this event. It has extensive features such as MTS sound decoder and cab lighting. The model has pantographs that can be raised and lowered electrically from DCC station. The locomotive is equipped with two powerful motors. Model weighs: 4,2 kg. Length over buffers approximately 57 cm/22-7/16".
LGB 28435 official price 999,95 €

21 December 2010

LGB 36590 Santa Fe Streamliner Observation Car

LGB 36590 is now available.
With delivery of observation car, the Santa Fe Streamliner train in complete: this car goes well with LGB Santa Fe cars 36570, 36571, and 36580.

LGB 36590LGB 36590
"Santa Fe" streamliner observation car, with full interior and interior lighting. Equipped with a lighted drumhead. Length over buffers 76 cm / 29-15/16".
LGB 36590 official price: 399,95 €

17 December 2010

LGB 43123 BP-Olex tank car

LGB 43123 is now available.

LGB 43123
LGB 43123 BP-Olex tank car
Era II version of a four-wheels tank car with authentic BP-Olex lettering. Many privately owned cars such as this were used on the DRG. Some of these cars can still be seen on heritage railroads. The tank can be filled and emptied like the prototype. Length over the buffers 33.5 cm / 13-3/16".
LGB 43123 official price: 99,95 €

15 December 2010

LGB Planned Delivery Dates 2010 - December update

Here the official LGB Planned Delivery Dates 2010, December update, from LGB web site.

Confirmed before Christmas the Kof II model in DB / HSB version and the RhB electric loco Ge 4/4 II in green livery with 100 years Bernina anniversary logo, the German DB slumber coach, the streamliner observation Santa Fe cars and the the Olex tank car. Delayed to Jan 2011 the US box cars WP&Y and Uintah.

Scheduled for Feb 2011: DR steam tram loco and Uintah steam loco n.50.

Scheduled for Mar 2011: F7A-B Santa FE, Meyer steam loco IV K, HSB passenger car and RHB panoramic Set.

Missing info for the RHB Ge 4/4 II and Ge 4/4 III, may be planned later in 2011.

13 December 2010

Last LGB trains before Christmas

Looking at official “planned delivery date 2010” (december update) we can check the LGB items announced before Christmas: all November items were delivered (plus the LGB-Club item) so we miss only the Kof II model in DB and HSB version (LGB 20930 and LGB 21930),

Last rumors about Kof II: delayed at 2011

Please look at home page or at "LGB 2010 items" page for upgrade about deliveries!

10 December 2010

LGB rack

Climbing grades with LGB rack

HGe 2/2 FO 24
The ultimate solution to grade problems is a rack railway. Regular LGB trains, like most real trains, use the "adhesion" between the wheels and rails for traction. However, rack railways (sometimes called "cog" railways) can exceed the limits of adhesion, climbing grades as steep as 48%. Rack locomotives are equipped with a large drive gear, called a "cog." That gear meshes with a "rack" mounted on the ground between the rails. Rack railways can be found in mountainous areas around the world, both standard and narrow gauge.

Märklin: creditors' meeting in two weeks

Here a translation from original german link:

The creditors of the insolvent German model train manufacturer Märklin decide in two weeks about its future.

As a spokeswoman for Märklin insolvency administrator Michael Pluta said, the meeting of creditors of the company is scheduled for 21 December. This date was also mentioned in a notice of the district court in Göppingen.
The Assembly should decide on the bankruptcy plan - and whether the bankruptcy proceedings as planned at year end. Pluta would not comment before the meeting. The claims of 1380 creditors amounted to € 93 million. According to a further notice of the district court to the creditors' meeting to vote on whether the administrator is empowered under the bankruptcy plan, satisfying from the sale proceeds to creditors claims. To a potential buyers Pluta spokeswoman made no details.
Märklin had filed bankruptcy in February 2009. Since the announcement of the insolvency had to remove more than 400 employees. About 1000 are left at the sites in Germany and Hungary. After the problems of previous years Märklin has since recovered somewhat. In mid-July it was announced for the first half of 2010, an increase in orders from 74 to 78 million €. Revenues grew by 40.4 to 42.6 million euros. Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) increased compared to the same period last year to minus 1.5 to plus 1.8 million euros. About the net result, there were no details.

09 December 2010

LGB 36571: Santa Fe Streamliner Passenger Car

LGB 36571 is now available

LGB 36571
LGB 36571: Santa Fe Streamliner Passenger Car
The "Santa Fe" streamliner passenger car model (era: III)  has a full interior and interior lighting. Length 76 cm / 29-15/16". This car goes well with LGB item nos. 36570, 36580, and 36590.
LGB 36571 official price: 349,95€

06 December 2010

LGB 36570: Santa Fe Streamliner Passenger Car

LGB 36570 is now available

LGB 36570
LGB 36570: Santa Fe Streamliner Passenger Car
The "Santa Fe" streamliner passenger car model (Era: III) has a full interior and interior lighting. Length 76 cm / 29-15/16". This car goes well with LGB item nos. 36571, 36580, and 36590.
LGB 36570 official price: 349,95€

05 December 2010

LGB Insolvency Auction in Nurnberg – 5 december 2009

One years ago in Nurnberg, the LGB Insolvency Auction.

On 5 december 2009 in the LGB factory happened something sad…for the last time was possible get in the famous red building that was one of the LGB icons. But the visit was for a sad event: the LGB Insolvency Auction. That was probably the end of the LGB that we all knew and loved that was manufactured in the Nurnberg.

04 December 2010

LGB 21000 Anniversary Set for 100 Years of the Bernina Railroad

LGB 21000 is now available

LGB 21000
The train set is an exclusive for the 100th anniversary of the Bernina line (now RHB). The set consists of: 
RhB BCe powered rail car (Length over the buffers 63.5 cm / 25")
freight train baggage car (Length over the buffers 30 cm / 11-13/16")
observation car (33.5 cm / 13-3/16")
passenger car (Length over the buffers 44.5 cm / 17-1/2")
The historic powered railcar, numbered BCe 4, has the prototypically correct harp-style pantographs. It's equipped with two powerful motors and a DCC connector, interior details and doors that can be opened. The railcar and the passenger car have the prototypical yellow paint scheme and lettering. The freight train baggage car and the observation car come with the gray prototypical paint scheme and lettering.
All the itme of the set are an exclusive, special edition and are not available separately.
LGB 21000 official price: 999, 95 €

03 December 2010

LGB 45920: DB flatcar with cable reels

LGB 45920 is now available

LGB 45920
LGB 45920 DB flatcar
Era V-model of a four-axle stake car of the Deutsche Bahn. The car is loaded with rolls of cable. Exchange buffer beams for conversion to center buffer are included. This model is manufactured exclusively for LGB-Club ® members. Length over the buffers 66.0 cm. LGB 45920 official price: 144,95 €

01 December 2010

LGB product numbers

Decoding LGB product numbers

Since 1993 Lehmann products, including LGB, LGB TOYTRAIN, LGB GNOMY and LGB RIGI products, have had five-digit product numbers, to avoid letters in products ID. Although the numbering system is not completely consistent, you can use these numbers to help identify LGB products.