09 November 2010

The “real” world of LGB trains: Mixnitz–St. Erhard railway

At the origins of his history LGB was closely linked to a basic idea: reproducing models from narrow gauge prototypes, so for many years on LGB catalogs we could see only model of austrian, german and swiss narrow gauge railways. Few of these were (are) really famous (think at swiss RHB or german Hartz) but other not at all. Just look briefly at one of these: the Mixnitz–St. Erhard local railway.

E1 loco "Breitenau" (E. Schmidt)
Following a 1910 project for a narrow gauge single (760mm) track line serving the magnesite mines, in 1913 Mixnitz–St. Erhard local railway begun operations and also introduced passenger service. The line starts at Mixnitz-Bärenschützklamm OBB station and runs through the Breitenauer valley arriving at terminal station of St. Erhard after 10,8 km. In 1970 the line was cut by about 400 meters and the terminal station is now outside the works buildings. 

E2 locomotive

There has been only electric traction despite short periods after WW I and WW II. The original 2-axle small electric locomotive (E1 – E2 built from AEG) are still in service for shunting operations at Mixnitz. In 1954 were put into service two tram from Ybbs and other two bigger electric loco were bought in 1957 and 1963 (E3-E4 built from ÖAMG). Regular passenger service ended in 1966, since 2003 there have been scenic trains on special days. The freight service depend heavily from mining operations.

LGB produced various version of the small electric loco starting from the well known 2030 white and blue model, but just note that the only model more similar to the prototypes were only two: one is the 22300 “Breitenau” E1 in old green livery. The second is the model “E2” in complete blue livery coming in the starter set 29300, including two covered gondola.

LGB 22300
LGB locomotive, model code 22300

LGB 29300
LGB Starter Set, code 29300

The map of Mixnitz–St. Erhard railway


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