24 November 2010

LGB starter set

LGB starter set
Most of LGB fan own (owned) an LGB starter set, produced from German brand since the begin of his history. I’m sure that somewhere in ours home we can find an old Stainz, a blue/white or red/white passenger car coming from the classic LGB starter set… we bought it for begin this adventure in G scale or may be, few months or years later. Still today, this is the best way to enter in the world of LGB.

Left: passenerg and freight LGB starter set in 1969 catalog.

LGB starter set has everything you need to get started:

• a weather-resistant locomotive (a Stainz with optional sound and smoke generator)
• two weather-resistant freight or passenger cars
• a full circle of weather-resistant track with solid brass rails (1295 mm/51 in. outside diameter)
• track clips
• a safety approved, 1 amp power pack
• a quick-connect wiring cable
• figures
• instructions

After opening the box, is really simple begin to play: just connect the tracks making a full circle, Insert the track clips (make sure the number on the clip faces down), attach the power cable to the track, connect the power cable to the power pack, plug the power pack into a house current outlet, put the train on the track, push the "hook" on one car under the "loop" on the next car, turn on the locomotive sound (the control switch in the loco cab is factory preset to the "on" position) and…have fun!

Turn the control knob on the power pack to make the train go forward and backward. After this moment, most of us never stop thinking to add tracks, locomotives and cars at our railway…

Actually LGB still produce start set (find under a brief official LGB description), but you easily find older starter set looking in the shop or in internet, from the classic (and the infinite variants) until the special edition, with rare locomotives and elegant passenger cars.

LGB starter set

LGB 70302 Passenger Starter Set, 230 volts (LGB 72302 120 volts, LGB 78302 UK)
This set contains everything you need to get started in the world of LGB: Steam Locomotive "Stainz" with a powerful motor, electronic steam engine noise and smoke, a multi-purpose socket, 2 cars, figures, a complete circle of track (diameter 1290 mm) a connecting cable and a safety-tested transformer and controller.
LGB starter set
LGB 70400 Basic Starter Set, 230 volts (LGB 72400 120 volts, LGB 78400 UK)
LGB 70403 Work Train Starter Set, 230 volts (LGB 72403 120 volts, LGB 78403 UK)
If you like heavy-duty action, this work train set is for you. A tough little steam loco pulls a ballast car and a construction transporter with removable truck.(color and style of truck varies) The loco has a big Bühler motor for pulling power plus electronic steam sound and a smoke generator for incredible realism. The set also includes a full circle of track (51 in dia.), a powerful 1 amp power pack, a quick-connect cable, figures and everything else you need to enter the World of LGB!
LGB starter set

The perfect introduction into the world of LGB! The set contains a Stainz 0-4-0 Steam Locomotive; a passenger coach and a freight car loaded with barrels. This already allows you to replicate railroad operations as a model. A Sticker sheet is provided for individual decoration. The layout is child's play to set up. Includes a circle of track; load; quick-connect cable, transformer and a controller.
LGB starter set


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