05 November 2010

LGB trains no longer in production from 2010 catalog

Here the M-LGB official list about item out of production (2010 catalog), still available in stock.
Last update: 16 March 2011 

LGB 21940 DB Diesel loco V220
LGB 22310 SBB-Cargo Electric Loco
LGB 22405 RhB green Crocodile,
LGB 23355 Electric tram white
LGB 24410 SBB Diesel shunt loco
LGB 25196 Durango & Silverton Mogul
LGB 25811 DR steam loco 99 7245-6

Passenger cars
LGB 30310 DB passenger car Bim 263
LGB 30710 DB passenger car/baggage
LGB 31076 Zillertal Buffet car
LGB 32310 DB passenger car Bcm 243
LGB 33660 RhB/MGB Panoramic car
LGB 39075 DR passenger car Set

Freight cars
LGB 41283 MOB boxcar Getaz
LGB 41834 tank car Wangerooge
LGB 41853 TTX container car
LGB 42230 tank car Persil
LGB 43410 DR ballast car
LGB 44410 Rügen ballast car
LGB 45408 tank car Pril
LGB 46683 C&S stockcar
LGB 45895 RhB container car Broccoli
LGB 45896 RhB container car Orange
LGB 48680 SP stockcar
LGB 49560 cast steel car Set


  1. Could you please provide a source, link to the website or something like that? Thank You.

  2. hello, the source in www.lgb.de, on "Tools & Downloads" section, browsing all items (it's a long job...) on "Produktdatenbank" you'll find "Nicht mehr in Produktion"; note that the data change, maybe at maerklin are a little bit confused about Lgb, so please check the single item you search for