11 November 2010

LGB Christmas train (freight car)

Most LGB enthusiasts love run they trains in the garden, but in winter there is a period which an LGB train must run indoor…under or around the Christmas tree!  So, look at LGB Christmas trains.
During his long history LGB produced many Christmas model, single item (locomotives and cars) or whole sets, inspired to various kind of trains: steam or diesel, loco, electric trolley, passengers and freight cars. Here we show a selection of LGB Christmas trains (freight car) with original LGB’s product description.

LGB 40217 Christmas Gondola
“There´s no better way to deliver Christmas gifts than in an LGB train! This festively decorated car includes a removable gift box.”

LGB 43040 Christmas Ore Car
“This year, Santa needs every available LGB freight car to deliver all the presents to all the good children. Even the gondola cars must be pressed into service! (Load not weather-resistant. Protect from moisture.)”

LGB 43353 Christmas Melody Car
“Fill your home with the sound of holiday cheer! Plays music from your favorites -- “Silent Night,” “O Tannenbaum” and “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” Onboard volume control. 9-volt battery recommended, not included.”

LGB 44030 Christmas Container Car, Collector Edition
“This festive car is a unique addition to your Christmas train. Or use it as a very special gift box. The removable container has large opening doors.”

LGB 48406 Christmas Tank Car
“Christmas is a celebration for family and friends with festivities for all! The railway helps by bringing food and drink for the occasion, and this beautifully decorated tank car can assist with that on your LGB Christmas layout. Merry Christmas!”

LGB 44725 Christmas Reefer
“Citrus fruits make great holiday gifts. Get them there cool and fresh in this colorful refrigerator car. Roof mounted ice hatches and opening side doors.”

LGB 44730 Christmas Tree Gondola
“Christmas trees add to the festive air of the holidays, and so, this beautifully decorated car is the perfect addition to your Christmas train. With its elaborate lithography and Christmas tree load, it’s ready for the long trip from the North Pole.”

LGB 44755 Christmas Drover’s Caboose
“This magnificent car is the ideal addition for your “Weihnachtszug.” With its festive decorations, it can carry your holiday guests plus a full load of luggage and gifts. From the cupola, all can enjoy a unique view. The model is equipped with interior furnishings, interior lighting, metal wheel sets and opening doors.”


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