09 October 2010

LGB Item: freight flat cars with stakes

Following LGB trains are now available

image from Peyker.com
RHB freight cars with stakes (LGB 40920). RhB-axle stake car of the genus Rp-w, used in epochs IV and V. These cars were purchased in large quantities and primarily for the transport of timber. The LGB model is a completely new design. Prototypical coloring and lettering. Length over buffers 66 cm.
Official price LGB 40920 119,95 €

Image from LGB
DB freight cars with stakes (LGB 41920).
Four-axle stake car of the Deutsche Bahn AG, era V-type. This versatile model can be loaded with different types of cargo. Switch buffer beam for conversion to the central buffer is included. The model is a new form. Length over buffers 66 cm.
Official price LGB 41920 119,95 €

Image from LGB

DB Cargo freight cars with TT beams (LGB 41923). Four-axle stake car of the DB Cargo loaded with steel beams. Lettering and coloring of the era V. The model is in exchange buffer beams for conversion to center buffer. Length over buffers 66 cm.
Official price LGB 41923 149,95 €

Image from LGB
Cast steel ladle car (LGB 49560). The car set consists of two cast-steel cars. Both cars with custom labels and signs of aging. In the steel industry always have large quantities of molten metal are transported. For this purpose, these and similar types of heavy industrial four-axle dump trucks were developed. The LGB model he stands with many companies worldwide. The unloading of liquid metals is done by swinging the trough located in the center. Total length over buffers about 64 cm.
Official price LGB 49560 199,95 €



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