29 October 2010

LGB Christmas train (locomotive)

Most LGB enthusiasts love run they trains in the garden, but in winter there is a period which an LGB train must run indoor…under or around the Christmas tree!  So, look at LGB Christmas trains.
During his long history LGB produced many Christmas model, single item (locomotives and cars) or whole sets, inspired to various kind of trains: steam or diesel, loco, electric trolley, passengers and freight cars. Here we show a selection of LGB Christmas trains (locomotive) with original LGB’s product description.

LGB 21010 Christmas Handcar
“St. Nick pumps the lever of this colorful Christmas handcar. Features a Bühler motor and power pick-ups on all four wheels.”

LGB 21013 Christmas Handcar
“Here comes Santa Claus! He’s bringing a Christmas tree, presents, and of course, a little LGB loco. This whimsical model brings holiday fun for the entire family. Equipped with an electric motor, it’s ready to run under your Christmas tree.”

LGB 21020 Christmas Fortuna® Flyer
“Race around the Christmas tree with LGB's newest propeller-driven railcar! Stop Santa's Flyer “on a dime” by tickling the throttle, balancing forward motion and reverse thrust. Learn to negotiate turns at high speed … without launching yourself to the North Pole!”

LGB 21030 Santa Rail Cycle
“Reindeer are quaint, but these days, Santa needs speed to get to all the good little girls and boys. Put Santa and his cycle on the track, turn the throttle and watch him go! A Bühler motor in the sidecar provides the power. You explain it to the reindeer.”

LGB 21680 Christmas Rail Truck
“Get the gifts to the kids on time! This richly decorated rail truck even has a plow to clear the way. The tailgate and sides can be lowered for loading. Power comes from a big Bühler motor.”

LGB 22382 Christmas Streetcar
"The streets of the city are festively decorated for the holidays, and so are the streetcars! With this beautiful model, you can bring the holiday spirit to your house or garden. Not only is it lavishly decorated, but it also features holiday sound effects. You can even play Christmas songs while running it on your layout. The interior is fully detailed, and the doors open. Of course, the model is equipped with an onboard MTS decoder and directional lighting.”

LGB 24211 Steiff® Christmas Stainz
“LGB models with Steiff® creations have become a tradition, and they make wonderful collectibles. So the next step was to create a Steiff®/LGB model that fits into the most wonderful of seasons, the Christmas holidays. The cab of this locomotive carries a Steiff® Teddy Bear, dressed as Santa Claus with a linen gift bag in his hand. And the Stainz is decorated to evoke the holiday spirit. This model marks the start of a series in the LGB program. Every year, there will be a matching car with a Steiff® creation. Secure this wonderful locomotive for your collection. This model is equipped with an onboard MTS decoder. Additional features include directional lighting and a smoke generator.”

LGB 27182 Christmas Mogul
“Clearly, your LGB Christmas cars need a matching LGB Christmas locomotive! This festively decorated model would be a classic addition to your living room … and since it’s LGB, it can run outdoors too. (It even has a big snowplow!) This sturdy model features a weather-resistant drivetrain and powerful Bühler motor. With its remarkable digital sound system, you can recreate the original sounds of a real steam locomotive, including steam chuffs, bell, whistle and air pump. And on LGB Multi-Train System Layouts, you can trigger those sounds and more by remote control.”


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