22 September 2010

LGB Christmas train (passenger car)

Most LGB enthusiasts love run they trains in the garden, but in winter there is a period which an LGB train must run indoor…under or around the Christmas tree!  So, look at LGB Christmas trains.
During his long history LGB produced many Christmas model, single item (locomotives and cars) or whole sets, inspired to various kind of trains: steam or diesel, loco, electric trolley, passengers and freight cars. Here we show a selection of LGB Christmas trains (passenger car) with original LGB’s product description.

LGB Christmas train
LGB 31050 Christmas Baggage Car
“Christmas is a time for reflection, and also a time for giving gifts. At no other time during the year are so many gifts being shipped as during the holidays, and the railroads have to run special trains. To celebrate the occasion, this colorful LGB wagon has been specially decorated, and you can load your gifts through the opening doors!”

LGB Christmas train
LGB 31500 Christmas Compartment Car
“This uniquely European passenger coach has eight -- yes, eight -- opening doors leading to four separate, fully decorated passenger compartments. Exterior walkways let the conductor move between the compartments. Fill it with passengers ready for holiday festivities!”

LGB Christmas train
LGB 32250 Christmas Observation Car
“Pass warm drinks to the carolers as they sing through the crisp winter night.”

LGB Christmas train
LGB 33075 Christmas Passenger Car, 2001
“Celebrate Christmas with this colorfully decorated passenger coach! Doors open. Interior seating.”

LGB Christmas train
LGB 34190 Christmas Gift Car
“Some trains deliver gifts, but this beautifully decorated car is a gift, complete with its own gold bow! Detailed interior. Illuminated tail lights.”

LGB Christmas train
LGB 34805 Christmas Old-Time Passenger Car
“Santa Claus needs many helpers to distribute his many gifts. They can travel in this festively decorated and lettered LGB model, a beautiful addition to any Christmas train.”


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