05 October 2010

LGB and Steiff® teddy bears

LGB is well known also from collector not coming from model train area: LGB was in fact associated to some very successfully commercial brand, building special edition / version of their model with colors and character dedicated to it. One of this is the famous plush toy Teddy Bear, created by Margarete Steiff in 1902. Here a selection of LGB Steiff models with LGB’s product description.

LGB 24211 Steiff® Christmas Stainz Loco
“LGB models with Steiff® creations have become a tradition, and they make wonderful collectibles. So the next step was to create a Steiff®/LGB model that fits into the most wonderful of seasons, the Christmas holidays. The cab of this locomotive carries a Steiff® Teddy Bear, dressed as Santa Claus with a linen gift bag in his hand. And the Stainz is decorated to evoke the holiday spirit. This model marks the start of a series in the LGB program. Every year, there will be a matching car with a Steiff® creation. Secure this wonderful locomotive for your collection. This model is equipped with an onboard MTS decoder. Additional features include directional lighting and a smoke generator.”

LGB 25211 Steiff® Stainz Loco
“In North America, this is an Authorized Train Stop Exclusive product. This model is equipped with an onboard MTS decoder. Additional features include directional lighting and a smoke generator.”

LGB 22212 Steiff® Stainz Steam Loco, Sound, Limited Edition
“Now there's a loco to match your LGB Steiff® cars! It's LGB's trademark Stainz loco with Steiff's trademark bear at the controls. And it's what you need for your LGB Steiff collection. Production is limited to 1000 models.”

LGB 41000 Steiff® Christmas Car
“LGB trains with Steiff® bears are already a great tradition, and with the arrival of the Steiff Christmas Stainz Loco (LGB 24211) in 2004, a new LGB/Steiff series began. 2005 brought the first car in the series, a flat car covered with snow on which a cuddly bear pushes a sled. It’s a unique holiday decoration for your home or LGB layout!”

LGB 41220 Steiff® Bears Car, Collector Edition
“Fill that empty space in your Steiff® car consist with this Collector Edition classic. The car carries two genuine Steiff® jointed bears, one white and one black. Opening side doors.”

LGB 43100 Steiff® Special Car, Collector Edition
“Two of Germany´s most beloved brands, LGB and Steiff®, have come together again to create this special car. The car includes two genuine Steiff¨ bears on a sofa!”

LGB 43140 Steiff® Bear Car, Collector Edition
“Add another Collector Edition car – and two more genuine Steiff® “Button in Ear” bears – to your LGB Steiff® consist.”

LGB 44215 Steiff® Christmas Car
“This beautiful car continues our series of Steiff® Christmas cars, and for teddy bear lovers, it includes a cuddly little bear. Plus, there's a festively decorated crate. Hide the teddy inside to create a surprise … and make Christmas dreams come true!”


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