20 October 2010

LGB parts - How finding

LGB parts

After bankrupt, the situation of LGB parts become confusing, so I write this short notes to help finding them.

In 2010 Marklin announced that they only support parts for locos produced in the five last years; so you can contact at service@maerklin.de and ask the part you need. Try also to contact the german dealer Champex-Linden for these parts.

LGB part
For locos produced before 2005 you can find a lot of LGB parts at these german dealers:
Warenreich-toys is selling LGB part one at a time on german ebay so you must search “LGB Ersatzteile” and bid what you need. Also warenburg.de sell LGB parts on ebay.de and in his web shop.
Modell-land is selling parts in his shop on line web site (www.modell-land.de): you can find the parts ordered by model type. Also this dealer sells a small amount of part: www.modelltechnik-grossbahnen.de

For US LGB enthusiast LGB parts are available at Train-Li-USA, a dealer focused on G scale model and accessories.


  1. warenburg.de also sells LGB parts in similar style to warenreich-toys on eBay

  2. thanks, post updated!

    the world of LGB

  3. I just purchased a used LGB trolley (2036 and 3600). I am in need assistance with a few items;

    1. Is there a service manual for this unit?
    2. Where can I buy some minor parts; roof billboards and stickers.
    3. There are two conductors on the front car, both with mustaches. Is this stock? The images of the two cars I find on the internet have conductors without mustaches.
    Any help is much appreciated.

    Thanks –