12 October 2010

Back-fitting a Playmobil-gear to digital compatibility

Many of us went in the DCC world and would like to use also the most updated LGB (and Playmobil loco, this is possible with few simple modification at gear box. his is the last  part (of 3) of an interesting and really useful document produced from Massoth to help installing decoder in old type LGB engine (the original PDF is available in German and English language on Massoth web site).

In this type of gear are connected both sides of gear motor and track. In digital mode you must separate
motor and track.
On the pictures you see a simple back-fitting suggestion:
- Remove the gear from the loco (push detent-clamp front + rear).
- Remove both screws on the lower side and remove cover with extend on the sliders.
- Remove the sheet plate on the motor. (Pict. 1)
- Pull the wire, who gets from the noise suppression choke to the contact plate, and shorten it. (Pict.1)
- Soldering a wire (yellow+green) on motor connector and the one wire of the noise suppression choke.
Pict. 1)
- Drill 2 holes in the cover and push the additional cables through it.
- Mount the gear.
- Soldering a cable (white+brown) on the bended plates at the cover plate (Pict. 2)
Now you have all connectors who your decoder need.
The feed-through of the additional cables could be different, addicted to the used loco (proof the space).

Image from Massoth


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