31 October 2010

LGB 23196: Mogul n. 9 C&S

LGB 23196 is now available

LGB mogul
LGB from LGB

N.9 "Colorado & Southern" (LGB code 23196). Mogul steam locomotive in the execution of the Colorado & Southern. In order to prevent forest fires by sparks from the C & S equipped their locomotives with distinctive spark arresters on chimneys. These tensile forces steam locomotive has a large snow plow. Reissue with a new locomotive number and DCC interface. Length over the buffers 68.5 cm.
Official price LGB 23196 549,95 €

30 October 2010

LGB 22405: RHB Ge 6/6 "crocodile"

LGB 22405 is now available

LGB crocodile
Image from LGB

RHB electric loco Ge 6/6 "crocodile" n. 415 in green livery (LGB code 22405). Authentic replica of the legendary crocodile of the Rhaetian Railway, in green color (Note from the editor: this livey was never used frm RHB on Ge 6/6). This version of the model in the periods III to V. Company number 415th High traction by two engines. Two multi-purpose sockets. Traction tires. Weight about 3450 grams length over the buffers 56 cm
Official price LGB 22405 749,95 € 

29 October 2010

LGB Christmas train (locomotive)

Most LGB enthusiasts love run they trains in the garden, but in winter there is a period which an LGB train must run indoor…under or around the Christmas tree!  So, look at LGB Christmas trains.
During his long history LGB produced many Christmas model, single item (locomotives and cars) or whole sets, inspired to various kind of trains: steam or diesel, loco, electric trolley, passengers and freight cars. Here we show a selection of LGB Christmas trains (locomotive) with original LGB’s product description.

28 October 2010

LGB 32520: RHB passenger car

LGB 32520 is now available

LGB 32520
RHB 2nd class passenger car in green livery n. B2221 (LGB code 32520). The so-called steel cars were for many years the image of RhB trains. When strain 2 appears for the first time a car Class in the typical green color of the period III. Prototypical changed window. Length over buffers 66 cm.
Official price LGB 32520 349,95 €

22 October 2010

LGB Planned Delivery Dates 2010 - October update

Here the official Planned Delivery Dates 2010, October update, from LGB web site. Some items are planned for 2011 (F7A-B Santa FE, RHB Ge4/4 II and Ge4/4 III, Bernina Express Special Edition Set), but before the end of the year we could see the Kof II (the project started in 2007...)

20 October 2010

LGB parts - How finding

LGB parts

After bankrupt, the situation of LGB parts become confusing, so I write this short notes to help finding them.

In 2010 Marklin announced that they only support parts for locos produced in the five last years; so you can contact at service@maerklin.de and ask the part you need. Try also to contact the german dealer Champex-Linden for these parts.

LGB part
For locos produced before 2005 you can find a lot of LGB parts at these german dealers:
Warenreich-toys is selling LGB part one at a time on german ebay so you must search “LGB Ersatzteile” and bid what you need. Also warenburg.de sell LGB parts on ebay.de and in his web shop.
Modell-land is selling parts in his shop on line web site (www.modell-land.de): you can find the parts ordered by model type. Also this dealer sells a small amount of part: www.modelltechnik-grossbahnen.de

For US LGB enthusiast LGB parts are available at Train-Li-USA, a dealer focused on G scale model and accessories.

12 October 2010

Back-fitting a Playmobil-gear to digital compatibility

Many of us went in the DCC world and would like to use also the most updated LGB (and Playmobil loco, this is possible with few simple modification at gear box. his is the last  part (of 3) of an interesting and really useful document produced from Massoth to help installing decoder in old type LGB engine (the original PDF is available in German and English language on Massoth web site).

09 October 2010

LGB Item: freight flat cars with stakes

Following LGB trains are now available

image from Peyker.com
RHB freight cars with stakes (LGB 40920). RhB-axle stake car of the genus Rp-w, used in epochs IV and V. These cars were purchased in large quantities and primarily for the transport of timber. The LGB model is a completely new design. Prototypical coloring and lettering. Length over buffers 66 cm.
Official price LGB 40920 119,95 €

Image from LGB
DB freight cars with stakes (LGB 41920).
Four-axle stake car of the Deutsche Bahn AG, era V-type. This versatile model can be loaded with different types of cargo. Switch buffer beam for conversion to the central buffer is included. The model is a new form. Length over buffers 66 cm.
Official price LGB 41920 119,95 €

Image from LGB

DB Cargo freight cars with TT beams (LGB 41923). Four-axle stake car of the DB Cargo loaded with steel beams. Lettering and coloring of the era V. The model is in exchange buffer beams for conversion to center buffer. Length over buffers 66 cm.
Official price LGB 41923 149,95 €

Image from LGB
Cast steel ladle car (LGB 49560). The car set consists of two cast-steel cars. Both cars with custom labels and signs of aging. In the steel industry always have large quantities of molten metal are transported. For this purpose, these and similar types of heavy industrial four-axle dump trucks were developed. The LGB model he stands with many companies worldwide. The unloading of liquid metals is done by swinging the trough located in the center. Total length over buffers about 64 cm.
Official price LGB 49560 199,95 €


05 October 2010

LGB and Steiff® teddy bears

LGB is well known also from collector not coming from model train area: LGB was in fact associated to some very successfully commercial brand, building special edition / version of their model with colors and character dedicated to it. One of this is the famous plush toy Teddy Bear, created by Margarete Steiff in 1902. Here a selection of LGB Steiff models with LGB’s product description.

02 October 2010

The real Stainz - the LGB icon

The LGB logo display a white profile of a “Stainz” on a red background, the first model locomotive manufactured by the German company in 1968;  since then LGB has never stopped producing this model, in hundreds of different versions. This is short post describing the prototype history.