02 September 2010

Conversion of a 3-lead LGB gear box to digital operation

Many of us went in the DCC world and would like to use also the most updated LGB loco, this is possible with few simple modification at gear box. his is the first part (of 3) of an interesting and really useful document produced from Massoth to help installing decoder in old type LGB engine (the original PDF is available in German and English language on Massoth web site).

Old LGB gear boxes feature 3 leads, one pin (marked WS) is connected to track power and one of the two
motor connectors. For digital operation the motor connector must be separated from this pin.
The pictures show a simple conversion for digital operation:
- open the gear box and remove the electric motor (note the direction)
- shorten the motor contact which was touching the WS-pin by half bend this motor contact outwards and
solder the fourth wire to it
- put the motor back into the gear box and make sure that the motor contact with the attached cable has no
contact to the WS pin
- drill a fourth hole into the lid of the gear box to run the fourth wire through
- close the lid
Now you got all four wires that are required for digital operation.

Image from Massoth


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