29 August 2010

LGB track

LGB track

Here a description of LGB track geometry. First a an official image with examples of all lgb track.

LGB track

25 August 2010

LGB and DCC compatibility

LGB and DCC compatibility

Here e document from Massoth web site, really important for all DCC users to understand the relation between LGB model data production and DCC accessories (the original PDF about LGB and DCC compatibility  is available in German and English language on Massoth web site).

10 August 2010

LGB 42918: LGB-Club Boxcar

LGB 42918 is now available
LGB 42918

LGB 42918: LGB-Club Boxcar.
Typical American boxcar with extensive advertising for the LGB Club. Particularly elaborate multi-color printing in American design. Exclusively for members of the LGB Club available. Length 46 cm.
Official price LGB 42918 99,95 €

09 August 2010

LGB 47891: RHB container flat car

LGB 47891 is now available.

LGB 47891
LGB 47891: RHB container flat car "Die Post".
Two-axle container car of RhB, in the execution of the epoca V, loaded with a prototypical post-labeled containers. Length over buffers 41 cm.