30 April 2010

LGB 25811: HSB 99 7254-6

LGB 25811 is now available.
LGB 25811

HSB (Hartz) steam loco DR 99 7254-6 (LGB code 25811). On the Harzquerbahn the DR-new steam engines for decades formed the backbone of the transport system. For the first time an LGB model of this series will appear in the design of the DR for the epoch IV Prototypical coloring and lettering. The model has a DCC interface, a simulated driving position and reversing lights, two engines, a multi-purpose socket, a steam generator with output in synchronism with the rotation. Length over buffers 55 cm.
Official price LGB 25811 1.449,95 €

21 April 2010

LGB 47830: KVG Petro Oil Tank Car

LGB 47830 is now available
LGB 47830
LGB 47830 KVG Petro Oil Tank Car
This is a four-axle tank car used on the German Federal Railroad (DB). It is a privately owned car painted and letterd for the Tank Car Leasing Company Hamburg (KVG). The filler hatch and the valve for emptying the car can be opened. Length over the buffers 48 cm.
LGB 47830 official price: 139,95 €

10 April 2010

LGB 31553: RHB Maintenance car

LGB 31553 is now available.

LGB 31553
LGB 31553: RHB Maintenance car X9079.
Some no longer in operational service required cars were converted to the RhB railway company car. The mobile workshops X9079 came from a passenger car. Prototypical Model of epoch IV length over the buffers 44.5 cm.
Official price LGB 31553 189,95 €


LGB 30523: RHB dining car

LGB 30523 is now available.

LGB 30523
LGB 30523: RHB dining car WR 3810.
This dining car was on the RhB for Catering services for the traveler on the Glacier Express. Prototypical paint scheme and lettering of the period IV with interior and opening doors. Length over buffers 66 cm.
Official price LGB 30523 419,95 €