27 February 2010

LGB of America

LGB of America
The "LGB of America" disappeared web page

LGB produced few US train model in the eighties (the “mogul” steam locomotive since 1985) and this created a demand for G scale in North America. To serve its American customers, in 1987 LGB opened its American subsidiary, LGB of America. The number of US LGB train model grew during the nineties and LGB of America influenced the german firm in producing new items, limited and special editions. The LGB catalog were printed in English language.
Few months after LGB bankruptcy in late 2006, LGB of America (LGBoA) became an independent company.
LGBoA was one of the companies that tried to purchase LGB, without success; LGB brand was taken over by Märklin, the famous German model train model manufacturer.
A new contract concerning exclusive distribution and service rights in North America was never signed between LGB of America and Märklin, but since LGBoA owned the LGB trademark in the United States, new LGB products could not be distributed there without some sort of agreement between LGBoA and Märklin. The result was that LGB of America went out of business.
In late 2008 Märklin announced that it had resolved the dispute about LGB trademark in United States and and since 2009 Walthers is the exclusive North American distributor for Märklin, Trix and LGB products.


  1. Regarding LGB 90610 ICE.

    It would be great if plastic windows could be used in place of the stick on decals which are on the sides of the LGB 90610, 93611 and 93612.
    Operating doors would be a plus, including interior seats/tables, lighting, etc.
    The costs would go up considerably, but the added features would make up for the costs.

  2. Boy do I miss LGB of America...

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